Peacci Merchandiser Set

  • Beautiful merchandiser to display retail products
  • Amazing retail opportunity to increase your revenue
  • The perfect way to display Peacci gift ideas in the run-up to Christmas
  • Attract even more customers

Create the most memorable and beautiful displays with Peacci. This set combines all the display options you need to get started and grow your revenue by retailing products to your customers. Use to display your Peacci S.K.I.N, Essentials or Polish. For maximum impact, buy two merchandisers to sit next to each other - one for each poster design.

This set includes:

  • 1 x branded Peacci display merchandiser stand
  • 2 x bespoke merchandiser posters
  • 1 x Peacci window sticker

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SET INCLUDES show/hide
Merchandise Stand
Merchandise Stand
qty: 1
Peacci Poster
Peacci Poster
qty: 2
Peacci Window Sticker
Peacci Window Sticker
qty: 1


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