Peacci File Duo

  • Ideal retail opportunity
  • Perfectly sized to take on all mobile appointments
  • Long-lasting innovative micro-grain technology
  • Effortless to clean and sanitise in seconds
  • Peacci Smooth: Game-changing foot file for dry, hard skin
  • Peacci Shape: The ideal file for natural nails

Our Peacci Shape Nail File and Peacci Smooth Foot File are the ideal ManiPedi essentials for your customers’ at-home upkeep between treatments. Both ideally complement the full #PeacciPamper set and are a must-have to any in-salon or at-home treatment.

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Peacci Shape Nail File
Peacci Shape Nail File
qty: 1
Peacci Smooth Foot File
Peacci Smooth Foot File
qty: 1


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