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TGB Light the Way Nail Lamp

The day has finally arrived to get the best of both worlds — a gel lamp that can cure gel faster than an average UV nail lamp with the quality of an LED nail lamp! The Light the Way Nail Lamp is the ultimate collaboration — created in partnership with SUN UV — with sleek, stylish, and exclusive design features to optimize professional use with The GelBottle Inc products. Having an LED nail lamp is essential when working with gel polish, and the specs on our professional UV/LED nail lamp will not disappoint!

  • Cures TGB gel in 60 seconds
  • Optimized for professional use with TGB products
  • 39 carefully positioned LEDs
  • 3 additional LEDS to ensure tips cure perfectly
  • UV/LED combined lights (wavelength 365+405 nanometers)
  • 48W and Low Heat mode to avoid heat spikes
  • Removable bottom tray for pedicures
  • Hidden LCD screen to show curing time
  • 1-year warranty

Pedicure UV/LED nail lamp

Our pedicure UV/LED lamp is great for salon professionals or on-the-go nail technicians. The added benefit of a removable bottom tray ensures client comfort during the process. Beautiful gel pedicures are made easy with our UV/LED lamp designed with quality and comfort in mind. 

UV vs. LED nail lamp

Both a UV nail lamp and an LED nail lamp have their pros and cons. UV nail lamps work with a wider range of nail gel polishes, whereas an LED nail lamp will only work with specific LED gel polish brands. Our 48W UV/LED lamp uses the best of both technologies to provide you with the fastest, most reliable, professional results. 

Are UV nail lamps safe?

The FDA views nail curing lamps as low risk when used as directed by the label. We have also limited the use of UV by adding LED lights into our professional UV/LED nail lamp. You must have a valid beauty certificate to purchase our nail lamp.

Can UV nail lamps burn skin?

Using UV nail lamps will not burn the skin, but exposure over a long period of time may have the potential to cause damage to the skin. Our professional UV/LED nail lamp uses 48W with a low heat mode to avoid heat spikes, minimize UV exposure, and cure gel in 60 seconds.


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